Mortimer St. John's, West Berkshire

Super Sleuths

We ran some Super Sleuths sessions at Mortimer St. John's school in West Berkshire. The children got to be a detective or a suspect for the session. Then, using science, they had to work out who committed the crime and how they did it. They had a great time learning about UV lights, fingerprints, water displacement, magnets and colour filters.

Take Home Pack

All the children got to take home a pack with their own Top Detective ID card and our secret try-at-home fingerprint experiment.

Classroom Activities Pack

The teachers were given a Classroom Activities pack that contained a set of experiments connected to all the things the children had learnt in the session.

"I have had a look at the pack and will use some of the ideas in future lessons - thanks" Mrs Stead, Year 1 Teacher
"It will be useful, but a lot I didn't know" Mrs Rook, Year 2 Teacher

After our visit the children said:

"I liked it when we had to get the key"
"I liked being a supsect"
"I liked making fingerprints"
"I learnt how to get something out of water without using your hand"
"I learnt that small magnets still work in water"
"I learnt cocoa powder helps you see your fingerprints"
"I learnt how to make your fingerprints

The parents said:

"Having previously shown very little interest in science, my daughter was so excited after the Flash, Bang, Pop session at her school. She came home and had to show me the experiment with magnets and water and loved the balloon and finger print example we could do at home. It was just great to see her so enthusiastic about science." Mrs Leach, Alices Mum, Foundation