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Links to other educational websites


A great numeracy based website - subscription required. Once registered with the site kids can work at their own pace to complete a series of lessons and questions covering the whole of the UK maths curriculum. Scores are allocated during completion of the lessons and reports are sent to parents/teachers.


A website dedicated to educating students of all ages about computer science. There vision is that "every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer programming". The site is funded and backed by large technology companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. It has further links out to other great computer science related websites and hosts a series of well thought out introductions to coding. The coding exercises are completed using a visual coding system similar to scratch by MIT and feature graphics and sounds from popular and well known games.


A website containing a collection of fun educational games for kids.


Technically a site aimed at adults but works for kids too. Its aims are to teach anyone about coding through a series of well thought out and structured lessons.