What's it all about?

Flash Bang Pop! Science for kids was founded in 2011 when Anne Cherrington a mother of 2 young boys decided she didn't want to return to her desk job of an IT Project Manager/Business/Process Analyst. She realised she wanted to do something different, more importantly, she realised she wanted to make a difference! Anne always knew she wanted to teach, but until that point she'd always thought about teaching the 16+ age group. Then, looking at her 2 sons she realised that kids had a real curiosity to learn and wanted to know it all! If only she could find a job that could do this.....then along came the idea for Flash Bang Pop! What about bringing hands on science sessions to children aged 4 -11?

Anne has studied for a BTEC in Electronic Engineering and college and then gone on to complete a BEng in Electronic Engineering at Southampton University. Post University, Anne spent her first years as a Software Engineer working for Sony and then joined a new startup called eXony.

Childrens Comments

First and foremost here's what the kids say... (yes, they are genuine quotes!)

"PLEASE come back tomorrow and the next day and forever!"
"This was the best lesson EVER! I learnt loads...and had fun...EPIC!"
"Can we do science every day?"
"I'd love to invent things and find out how stuff works when I grow up science is really cool..."
"I love science, it's AWESOME!"
"The best day even...even better than when we got a puppy!"

Teacher Comments

October 2013

"My science governor has written a very good report about the Super Sleuth sessions for Governing body and our Headteacher was very complimentary to you too so I do hope your ears were burning! Thank you so much for the enthusiasm, interest and learning that you helped our pupils and staff collect during your workshops and follow on investigations. Each year group described what they had enjoyed during our final assembly!"
Feedback from a Science Coordinator in a West Berkshire Primary School

July 2013

"All staff thought that all your sessions were just great. Scientific knowledge, hands on experience available to all and pace were excellent. Children were very focused and learnt lots that has been transferred into the classroom during the rest of the week. The balloon package sent home from Super Sleuths gave that real opportunity for starting that discussion of all the science they had learnt on that day - parents really liked that too.

You were excellent and I am planning on passing on all your details and information of the days at our next science network meeting. It won't be until next term now, but it involves a few schools in the local area. Hope they take up the opportunity. Science week has been fantastic! Just what learning should be like."
Feedback from a Science Coordinator in a West Berkshire Primary School

March 2013

"Thank you & Helen so much for your day in school. All class teachers said it was brilliant the way that you seemed to teach so much in a short space of time and that it was pitched at just the right level for all of the children. Katy (Headteacher) was really pleased to hear all of the positive comments. Apparently, the children were going home 'buzzing' about their learning as well. Thank you for our book & resources for class & home activities. You are definitely the best science visitors we have had in school and I truly mean that. Everyone was impressed with your organisation and rapport with the children. Katy is retiring in July, but I will definitely be recommending you to our new Headteacher. Look forward to seeing you in the future. Keep up the good work!!!"